20 myths to ditch in your 20s

Hey beautiful people,

Lately I have been hearing so many discouraged young people believe they are behind in life. I hear comments like, “Man, I’m 22 and still don’t have a decent job”, or “How is that person 23 and bought a house?!” I often catch myself saying these things as well, but ladies and gents, IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 20s, STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF! You are where you need to be in life right now. Yes, have goals and work hard towards them, but do not undermine your work simply because you are not in the same spot as someone else.


  1. “Name brand clothes are the best clothes.”
  2. “A college degree will make me successful.”
  3. “Being in a relationship affects my worth.”
  4. “Not being in a relationship affects my worth.”
  5. “Strict diets is the top way to manage my health.”
  6. “I have to pick a major and stick with it.”
  7. “My salary determines my importance.”
  8. “Not attending college means I’m lazy.”
  9. “Partying is the best “young” thing to do.”
  10. “I need to have a kid by yesterday.”
  11. “My social media stats are crucial.”
  12. “Stick to the people I know.”
  13. “Making time for myself is selfish.”
  14. “I must say “yes” to everyone’s requests.”
  15. “Money will make me happy.”
  16. “I will never improve.”
  17. “Having an off day is bad.”
  18. “Giving myself will leave me empty.”
  19. “I need the answers to everything.”
  20. “I am the way I am, I can’t learn outside of it.”


While reading some of these, you may recognize the ones you say to yourself. I catch myself believing in myths number five and seventeen, but I am learning that these do not determine my worth—it does not change your own worth. These myths do nothing, but bring you down and keep you from reaching your goals. It’s said that our 20s is the time to explore life, and to take advantage of the opportunities. I would hate for you to spend it doubting and comparing yourself to others.  

With all of that being said, I pray that you find contentment in the season of life you are in. There are far too many myths that we get caught into. It is up to you to ditch them, and I sure hope you do! Spend time with the people who love and encourage you! Your twenties is the time to thrive and enjoy life!


rebecca wen



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