love unconditionally // pt. 3 // speak boldly

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Words. They are powerful and they are everywhere. We read them from magazine headlines to the 240 characters on Twitter. As they say, “With great power, comes great responsibility”, and that is very true for the words we speak. I never thought that words were a big deal but, they make a huge difference that can impact not just others, but also yourself!

The trend that is floating around is that many of us read more lies than truth. And what is even more sad, we believe more lies than truths. How often do you see magazine covers that highlight celebrities’ weight gain rather than their talent? How often do you read tweets about people bashing on themselves, rather than appreciating themselves? It has become much more common to speak negatively about ourselves and others. But, I do believe our generation is taking ahold of speaking truth, speaking positively, and speaking boldly.


Speaking boldly is declaring whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy.

Think for a moment, how many lies do you tell yourself? How often do you believe the lies you are fed? Why do so many of us choose to fall for these lies? You deserve to know that you are loved. You deserve to know that you are enough. It’s so much easier said than done to soak in these truths but, I pray that you grasp onto them and that you never let go. It take courage to speak true of yourself. Overtime, as you continue to tell yourself these truths and surround yourself with people who affirm them, you will take ahold of them!


Most importantly, God knows you are loved and valued. He is the one who made you! God didn’t create you to trash talk yourself, but to speak boldly of the truth and freedom He gives. I pray that you believe it for yourself. Your words are so powerful and can make a true difference on what you choose to declare.

Speak well to yourself.

Speak up for others.

Speak boldly!


rebecca wen


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