college: how to take advantage of it!

They say that college is a triangle of three options and you get to choose which two to do. Because college will keep you busy, it’s difficult to fit everything in. My freshman year, I was not involved in anything because I thought I didn’t have enough time but, I had more time than I thought!  Despite the hectic schedules and endless deadlines, there are SO many opportunities that universities offer.

Instead of viewing your college education as just school and homework, change your perspective to seeing the vast and diverse opportunities that colleges can offer! That being said, here are my pieces of advice to making the most of your college life!

college 1.jpg


get involved!

I know you heard this many times in high school to “get involved!” and the same goes for college. Finding organizations/clubs to participate in, will not only create friendships but, also is great for your resume, expands your skills, and gives you a release from the regular routine. Many campuses offer a great variety so that most everyone can find the perfect activity for them!



know your limits

I love being busy and I’m sure many of you have schedules more filled up than mine. If you are feeling overwhelmed and your to do list seems endless, cut some things off. This can be extremely hard to do but, you cannot do everything and that is okay! Limiting your commitments allows you to put more energy and time into the ones you choose to do.

take advantage!

I am almost certain that every college have gyms/rec centers and host lecture and special occasion events at no extra cost. When you read “gym”, I am not referring to just working out but often, intramural sports and open swim is offered! I also highly recommend attending lecture presentations/workshops because I can guarantee you will learn and enjoy more than you think you will. Another benefit is that it looks good on your resume!

meet your community

Whether you are living in freshman dorms, off campus apartments, or commuting, get to know the people around you! Again, this is a great way to make friends and create connections with all kinds of people. Many college’s living centers will host meet and greet parties and I highly reccomend going to them!




Professors are required to have office hours and you already know what I will say, go to them! I know it can be nerve racking and maybe awkward but, there are so many benefits! You will receive extra and personalized help which is great! Your professor will get to you know and remember you as an individual, not just a face in class. When you take the time to know your professors, they will make awesome references!


My last piece of advice is to enjoy yourself! Enjoy the learning experiences, both the good and bad! Enjoy getting out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and being with people who will take on this chapter of your life with you! As cliche as this sounds, you only get these four years once, so make it count!


I hope that these pieces of advice help you out! Whatever spot you are in emotionally/mentally, you are not the only one going through it! College is full of great opportunities and it is up to you to take ahold of them! Take advantage as much as you can!

Happy late second semester!


rebecca wen


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